Bear Creek Church of the Brethren
                         P.O Box 447, 1088 Brethren Church Road
Accident, MD  21520

Church cemetery guidelines:
  • The cemetery fund for perpetual care continues.
  • Church trustees shall be the Cemetery Committee.
  • All sites must meet approval of the Trustees.
  • All active resident members and active non-resident members, their spouses, and children under parents care shall have the right to be buried in the cemetery without any fee being charged. 
  • The trustees shall consider any requests for burial of non members and separated members with a fee of $500 per grave being charged. Also, the trustees may consider any waivers to these fees.
  • Family rows be respected. 

Dates to Note:

May 20, 6:00 pm - Spring Covered Dish Dinner with music program of Randy Shoemaker to follow

May 26, 5:00 - 6:30 pm - May Community Dinner featuring Local Mission the James Isaac House! 

June 25 - 28 - Vacation Bible School "The Way in A Manger"

September 23 - 26 - Revival, Pastor Ed Weaver providing the sermons


The church will be deciding on the next phase of our building project, which includes expanding our current parking lot. Excavation, drainage runoff, and paving are a part of this phase.